Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chartered Accountants - Give the important activities of your plate in safer hands.

Success of any business depends on a good businessman who has a cream of good advisors. And one of them needs to be a good, professionally certified chartered accountant. An accountant well versed in his skills and practices can play a key role in ensuring compliance with financial laws. Finding a good chartered account for your business can be an utmost difficult task. In my opinion, if the person is not good with organizing systems definition and compliance, he, cannot be a good accountant. It is very important to choose a person who ensures proper filing of forms, general accounting services, adequate record keeping and storing of transactions

Since accountants can help take the routine but important activities of your plate every business wants the best adviser in that sense. Following tips may help you find one –

1. An accountant or any chartered accountant firm that you choose should be proficient in tax dealings and accounting laws.

2. Accounting work involves repetitive and recursive tasks. Thus an accountant should be well versed with various software tools and processes so that work can happen accurately and quickly.

3. “Bean Counters” – a term often used for chartered accountants in financial consulting services which means that accountants should be very detail oriented in every financial aspect.

4. A good accountant will know the implications of processing transactions in a certain way and will help save taxes by recording transactions properly.

5. An accountant should have a deep knowledge of matters that are strictly enforced by statutory organizations and authorities and makes sure you follow them.

6. Good accountants in general are modest in all their doings and will not be much salesy. Their offices are not shabby and they are not fancy. Their staff is disciplined and follow procedures.

7. A good chartered accountant firm or an individual accounting professional is well organized and will understand the value of your time and handle things quickly and efficiently.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Business Accounting - An Integral Part of the Business Process

Different businesses have their own unique business strategies and requirements for the smooth running of their management and functional procedures. The basic goal of any business is to increase the profits and reduce the losses. Although managing accounts and transactions is very difficult job but the simple solution to this problem is to hire the services of a good Chartered Accountant India Firm. Apart from managing accounts and transactions, these firms can provide other services like creating your budget plans, advising on investments and handling financial details.

The business owners or managers may not have the crucial qualifications of a trained accountant; hence they have to hire the services of an expert to handle the accounting. On the other hand, it takes huge amounts of time and a lot of hard work to get these things organized and precisely keep track of your finances.

Chartered Accountant Firms have experts who specialize in providing accounting services to various types of businesses. Chartered Accountants are specially trained and proficient individuals, who maintain your accounts and fiscal records to keep you up to date about the productivity of the business.

Business accounting provides tailored solutions to match the exact requirements of your business and you can concentrate on other aspects of your business without worrying about the accounts department. A lot of times Certified Public Accountants are hired to file their taxes only as they are trained to complete tax returns. In addition to taxes, the accountant also keeps a crystal clear documentation of all the monetary transactions of your business, so that you can put into practice latest business strategies.

The only work left for you is to keep an eye on the work being carried out by the professional Chartered Accountants. Being the business owner, you would like to be well-versed about all the work that is being done concerning accounts and bookkeeping of your business, so that you know the direction your business is heading to and whether you are in profit or loss.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chartered accountants can make your business a real success.

To ensure steady growth and success of your business, it is crucial to choose a reliable and efficient chartered accountant company. It is very important to hire an accountant, who understands the underlying vision of your business, its objectives and helps you in your investment plans that best suit your business structure. An experienced and intelligent chartered accountant can take your business to unlimited heights of success as his effective advices can influence your business decisions to a considerable extend.

An eminent chartered account should not only have enough experience in his field but should also possess huge wealth of knowledge to serve your needs perfectly. He should also be well versed with the knowledge of payroll management, salary packaging, business expense management, bookkeeping, tax returns filing and management, short term and long term business investments, business ownerships, retirement plans and other state of art softwares to provide and manage general accounting services of the company flexibly.

It is the job of a chartered accountant to prepare and submit your personal and business income tax returns and help you optimise the amount of tax you need to pay, thus saving a lot for you. Chartered accountants are also of immense help to companies helping not only in their financial planning but also assisting them to plan strategically to set up their business and its future diversification. A good chartered accountant can also assist you in wide range of other critical issues like business acquisitions, research report on Indian market handling and investing in shares, sale of real estate, financial statement preparation etc.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Searching for Accounting Firms that charge low cost accountancy fees.

Chartered accountants play an important part in maintaining the financial of any small business or a large conglomerate. But since the account outsourcing services are costly, many small and medium sized businesses do not employ accountants. However either small or big, every company has to prepare balance sheet at the end of every financial year. The profit and loss statements have to be generated irrespective of their size of the profit margin.

All companies need to file yearly tax returns to the government, pay salaries, bonuses to employees, business taxation services and dividends to the company’s shareholders. This all can be managed by only a professional and qualified accountant who will be able to carry out the background accounting work required for these tasks. Since the accountants are very good at number crunching, thus they can save some amount in taxes for the organization. There are people who compare the money saved on taxes with the amount paid to the accountant's service and cannot afford a high profile accountant.

In such cases it is best to search for auditing consulting firms that charge low cost accounting services. Here are some tips to find accounting services that will cost you low accountancy fees.

Search for accounting firms that charge less accountancy fees.

A small sized organization cannot afford to hire quite a high profile accountant. That is why such companies look for auditing firms that charge minimal accountancy fees. For such firms it is better to hire a competent and reliable accountant who charges a reasonable fee. The best way for small and medium business owners is to search for chartered accountants firm india who may not charge a fortune, but do the accounting job just as effectively.

Internet can be an effective tool to find a good accounting firm.

Since accounting is a computer-friendly and software-compatible job, the number of accounting firms on the internet is increasing day by day. Thus it now very easy to search the internet for auditing websites those charge low cost accountancy fees. However, it is very important to make sure that after doing your search on the internet; you speak with the accountant in person or through telephone before sending them the job.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Outsourcing financial and accounting services.

We all know that accounting is one of the most critical aspects of every small or big business. Every business involves processes that record transactions as they occur. Recording transactions is quite difficult to do when there are so many transactions to record and when there is practically no time to record them manually, and then transfer to different books of accounts. But it’s not impossible and can be done by anyone. Then why to hire a chartered accountant for this job? Imagine a situation where a single wrong entry could cause a business to lose millions of dollars or pay higher tax returns. This is why hiring a professional chartered accountant is important for your business.

One good option to avail economical chartered accounting services is by outsourcing it. This gives you an opportunity to hire chartered accountants at highly economical costs. A more common practice these days is to outsource accounting services to freelancers. The cost involved in hiring a freelancer chartered accountant is generally low and they are often hired on monthly or hourly wages. This way small business owner’s can save the cost of payroll.

Another reliable option especially for big business owners is to outsource their accounting work to companies providing professional account outsourcing services. Like freelancers, outsourcing accounting work can also lower the costs incurred by business firms. Moreover, this also allows business owners to leave accounting work entirely to professional companies and focus on the other significant areas involved in running a business. You will find many accounts outsourcing auditing firms in your city that provide services to businesses of any scale. Outsourcing to these account outsourcing companies also ensures that only expert chartered accountant professionals will be providing accounting services to the firm.

It very important for small business owners to understand that accounting work is critical for their company and should be handled only by someone who is adequately equipped with the right accounting skills. Bearing a minimal cost for the accounting services gives the company owners a freedom to focus on other business areas and ensures that the accounting work is being done in the right way.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chartered Accountants – Playing vital role in businesses financial predictions.

Chartered accountants pay a vital role in helping people in financial decisions that are taken every second of every day affecting nations, businesses and individuals alike.Leading world personalities and general public do require knowledge and guidance based on the highest technical and ethical standards. And this is where the role of an individual chartered accountant or an Indian chartered accountant firm comes into play. With their training and experience, chartered accounts can find ways through many financial obstructions and can sought out solutions for any legal matter.

Chartered accountants are in high demand as financial advisors, executive and non executive directors and in many other financial positions in companies. People who provide accounting services or undertake any of these roles need to be mindful and should have necessary skills to fairly discharge their duties or general accounting services.

A chartered accountant taking any serious position in business should also be conscious of the legal obligations attached to that position. Failure to comply with any critical responsibility can lead to serious actions being taken against the financial advisors.Chartered Accountants who fail to meet their legal obligations are subject to a range of civil or criminal penalties.

A chartered accountant should have the basic understanding of the current research report on Indian market to predict future trends and. Over the years businesses have undergone a vast change making it quite vital for companies to rely on for logical business advice and Chartered Accountants are the only experts to show companies the clear path through the jumble of the modern business complexities.

It is better to choose a chartered accountant firm that speaks your language, is in your area, responds quickly to your questions and has a prior experience of dealing in and understanding your industry. Chartered accountants can offer advice and guidance that can lead your business in the right direction and thus leading to the bright and financially stable future of your business.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taxation – what role does a tax accountant play in our lives?

Over the years, accounting subjects have had the image of being quite dull and uninteresting. This impression had been a little unfair as the role of chartered accountants has completely changed as the world of business has developed. Taxation is the supporting spine of any economy, as it provides the necessary funds for the developmental growth of a country and thus a tax accountant holds an equally important position in a country’s future.

A chartered accountant or a tax accountant is an individual who helps individuals or taxpayers in filing their tax returns and can also help small and huge businesses firms by analyzing and providing data for their tax returns. A chartered accountant or a chartered accountant firm India needs to be apt in calculating different kinds of taxation like sales tax, income tax, value-added tax, property tax, emergency tax, corporation tax, retirement tax, capital gains tax, poll tax, excise duty, and inheritance tax.

Since tax calculation involves very complex intricacies, thus it is very difficult for people who are unaware of its procedure to calculate and file tax returns. More over most of the business people do not have much of time to carry all this taxation procedure themselves and thus hire a professional chartered accountant to help them in their financial calculation.

Chartered accountants are people experts in providing financial services like tax calculation, cost evaluation, budget analysis, selecting JV Partners, asset management, investment planning, legal consulting and auditing consulting services. Chartered accountants are certified public accountants with high level accounting degrees, knowledge and advanced level of expertise and follow certain financial accounting rules laid down in national tax laws to calculate your tax or assist you in your financial holdings.

Certified public accountants usually charge on hourly basis for tax return preparation and ongoing tax accounting services. Thus make sure you only spend money by hiring a taxation services India expert who is an expert in his niche and has enough industry experience in accounting and taxation services.

Friday, April 10, 2009

How can a chartered accountant help you?

British royal charter of the nineteenth century coined the term "chartered accountant" that grew widely in the British Commonwealth and the concept is ruling the whole world now. In U.S, accountants are commonly known as "certified public accountants," whereas in Canada, they are either known as "certified management accountants" or "certified general accountants. In UK and India these professionals are known as chartered accountants only. 

It is a difficult task to hire an individual chartered accountant or chartered accountant firm India for your business. But the fact is that it does pay to hire a chartered accountant even if you are in a small business. These accounting professionals can help you minimize your business costs and negotiate the minefield of complex financial rules that exist around your business. 

If you want to understand how a chartered accountant can help you in your financial matters and what an accountant can do for you, then this article can be of great help. Lets find out:- 

A good accountant can help you with a number of things, including: 

Planning your taxes.

A chartered accountant can provide you with the right advice in producing financial reviews and reports in a running business. Most of the people think of chartered accountants to facilitate them with just taxation services but in practice there are so many other financial matters like setting up finance and bookkeeping systems, general accounting services as well as negotiating leases that are provided by the accountants. 

Planning your business.

Every accountant who is an expert in his niche will also act as a business consultant. Through their ability as an accountant they can tell you if business decisions make sense or not, and how to make changes to pricing and cash flow. Often, an accountant is the most trusted business advisor you will have. 

Client/Business Networking

Chartered accounts usually have a large network of clients and financial advisories through which they can help you by putting you in touch with potential clients or business partners. You may need financing, and your accountant may know someone who is look to invest, and can help put the two of you together. It’s better to form a kind of intimacy with your chartered accountant as he/she may even be able to refer new customers to you. If you pick an auditing consulting firm with the right connections then you will surely benefit from this. 

The practices have revolutionized and the businesses have undergone a vast change from yesteryear. In the present scenario it had become vital for companies and individuals to hire someone whom they to rely on for logical business advice. Chartered Accountants or a business advisory company are the only ones to show you clear path through the muddle of the modern business world.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Locating the best chartered accountant for your business.

Finding a reliable chartered accountant is not a simple job. It is crucial to look for one who can actually understand your business needs and can help you in many financial and legal matters. Chartered accountant firms are not only to help you file your tax returns. They are actually powerful sources who are well informed in finance and legal issues and can aid you with your business as well as personal concerns. A chartered accountants generic advice may prove to be a useful basis for many of your subsequent discussions.

I have managed to jot down some tips that can help you find an accountant to suit your needs.

1. A chartered accountant should be one who has good experience within the industry you are working in. One who has a vast wealth of knowledge to be able to cater your needs on other related subjects a

2. A chartered accountant should be aware of the short term and long term investment plans that best suit your business structure. Other aspects that they should have expertise include knowledge about business ownerships, retirement plans, organizing payrolls, how to manage expenses, auditing consulting and latest soft wares to facilitate flexible bookkeeping.

3. Personality and approachability are the important characteristics that should be taken into consideration before employing any chartered accountant for financial consulting services or taxation services India. Fix up a meeting with the one you are hoping to employ and see how he tackles to understand your needs and interacts with you.

4. Put your business future plans and ideas in front of the chartered accountant you are hoping to hire and see if he has insight to put some valuable inputs and advice regarding them. If he is an expert, he would be interested in automatically handing out advice to let you know the other options and scopes of advantages in your industry.

5. Make sure that your chartered accountant will remain available as your financial and business consultant always whenever your require him.

It’s important to form a good interactive relationship with your chartered accountant or any Indian Chartered Accountants Firm. This will turn them into good trusted advisers for your business in all legal and financial sectors. Keep these points in mind and you are sure to find a trustworthy expert chartered accountant for your business.