Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taxation – what role does a tax accountant play in our lives?

Over the years, accounting subjects have had the image of being quite dull and uninteresting. This impression had been a little unfair as the role of chartered accountants has completely changed as the world of business has developed. Taxation is the supporting spine of any economy, as it provides the necessary funds for the developmental growth of a country and thus a tax accountant holds an equally important position in a country’s future.

A chartered accountant or a tax accountant is an individual who helps individuals or taxpayers in filing their tax returns and can also help small and huge businesses firms by analyzing and providing data for their tax returns. A chartered accountant or a chartered accountant firm India needs to be apt in calculating different kinds of taxation like sales tax, income tax, value-added tax, property tax, emergency tax, corporation tax, retirement tax, capital gains tax, poll tax, excise duty, and inheritance tax.

Since tax calculation involves very complex intricacies, thus it is very difficult for people who are unaware of its procedure to calculate and file tax returns. More over most of the business people do not have much of time to carry all this taxation procedure themselves and thus hire a professional chartered accountant to help them in their financial calculation.

Chartered accountants are people experts in providing financial services like tax calculation, cost evaluation, budget analysis, selecting JV Partners, asset management, investment planning, legal consulting and auditing consulting services. Chartered accountants are certified public accountants with high level accounting degrees, knowledge and advanced level of expertise and follow certain financial accounting rules laid down in national tax laws to calculate your tax or assist you in your financial holdings.

Certified public accountants usually charge on hourly basis for tax return preparation and ongoing tax accounting services. Thus make sure you only spend money by hiring a taxation services India expert who is an expert in his niche and has enough industry experience in accounting and taxation services.

Friday, April 10, 2009

How can a chartered accountant help you?

British royal charter of the nineteenth century coined the term "chartered accountant" that grew widely in the British Commonwealth and the concept is ruling the whole world now. In U.S, accountants are commonly known as "certified public accountants," whereas in Canada, they are either known as "certified management accountants" or "certified general accountants. In UK and India these professionals are known as chartered accountants only. 

It is a difficult task to hire an individual chartered accountant or chartered accountant firm India for your business. But the fact is that it does pay to hire a chartered accountant even if you are in a small business. These accounting professionals can help you minimize your business costs and negotiate the minefield of complex financial rules that exist around your business. 

If you want to understand how a chartered accountant can help you in your financial matters and what an accountant can do for you, then this article can be of great help. Lets find out:- 

A good accountant can help you with a number of things, including: 

Planning your taxes.

A chartered accountant can provide you with the right advice in producing financial reviews and reports in a running business. Most of the people think of chartered accountants to facilitate them with just taxation services but in practice there are so many other financial matters like setting up finance and bookkeeping systems, general accounting services as well as negotiating leases that are provided by the accountants. 

Planning your business.

Every accountant who is an expert in his niche will also act as a business consultant. Through their ability as an accountant they can tell you if business decisions make sense or not, and how to make changes to pricing and cash flow. Often, an accountant is the most trusted business advisor you will have. 

Client/Business Networking

Chartered accounts usually have a large network of clients and financial advisories through which they can help you by putting you in touch with potential clients or business partners. You may need financing, and your accountant may know someone who is look to invest, and can help put the two of you together. It’s better to form a kind of intimacy with your chartered accountant as he/she may even be able to refer new customers to you. If you pick an auditing consulting firm with the right connections then you will surely benefit from this. 

The practices have revolutionized and the businesses have undergone a vast change from yesteryear. In the present scenario it had become vital for companies and individuals to hire someone whom they to rely on for logical business advice. Chartered Accountants or a business advisory company are the only ones to show you clear path through the muddle of the modern business world.