Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chartered Accountants - Give the important activities of your plate in safer hands.

Success of any business depends on a good businessman who has a cream of good advisors. And one of them needs to be a good, professionally certified chartered accountant. An accountant well versed in his skills and practices can play a key role in ensuring compliance with financial laws. Finding a good chartered account for your business can be an utmost difficult task. In my opinion, if the person is not good with organizing systems definition and compliance, he, cannot be a good accountant. It is very important to choose a person who ensures proper filing of forms, general accounting services, adequate record keeping and storing of transactions

Since accountants can help take the routine but important activities of your plate every business wants the best adviser in that sense. Following tips may help you find one –

1. An accountant or any chartered accountant firm that you choose should be proficient in tax dealings and accounting laws.

2. Accounting work involves repetitive and recursive tasks. Thus an accountant should be well versed with various software tools and processes so that work can happen accurately and quickly.

3. “Bean Counters” – a term often used for chartered accountants in financial consulting services which means that accountants should be very detail oriented in every financial aspect.

4. A good accountant will know the implications of processing transactions in a certain way and will help save taxes by recording transactions properly.

5. An accountant should have a deep knowledge of matters that are strictly enforced by statutory organizations and authorities and makes sure you follow them.

6. Good accountants in general are modest in all their doings and will not be much salesy. Their offices are not shabby and they are not fancy. Their staff is disciplined and follow procedures.

7. A good chartered accountant firm or an individual accounting professional is well organized and will understand the value of your time and handle things quickly and efficiently.