Friday, March 12, 2010

Why are chartered accountants the most demanded professionals in any industry?

The modern day financial challenges that the individuals and businesses face in the today’s world can be met with the help of financial consultants also called as charted accountants. Chartered accountants are the financial professionals who have the responsibilities to manage activities like tax auditing, business laws, corporate financial governance, general accounting services, project evaluation etc.

With the rapid globalization that is taking the world by storm, the role of a chartered accountant has become more and more important. Now-a-days businesses cannot run without the consultation and guidance of chartered accountants and the impact of having financial guidance can be felt in almost all the corners of the world. But just as the role of a chartered accountant in india is very much important so is the academic as well as the professional training that he undergoes has to be given a special importance and a thorough consideration.

However, it is very important for a chartered accountant to go through an academic program of multi-faceted knowledge acquisition that is blended with schematic practical training. After completing the education and training, a chartered accountant is well orchestrated to discharge duties like accounting, taxation on foreign companies in India and auditing in a modern computerized business environment

Charted accountants are the most demanded professionals in any industry because:-.

  • - they can handle some specialized areas like corporate accounting, taxation, finance, corporate laws and auditing.
  • - they are experts in dealing with situations and areas which involve procedures of income tax, service tax, and indirect taxes
  • - they can make a great career as management consultants as they are highly technically equipped.